Thursday, 19 September 2013

Crazy sweaters of the season!

One of the best things about autumn is being tucked in a beautiful jumper that keeps you warm and happy during cold days.
One of the trends for this season is big pop art prints and my favourites of this kind are Markus Lupher’s sweaters. Lupher’s unique style breathes new life into the everyday basics and refreshes the concept of classic knitwear, creating wearable clothing with an ornamental feel.

Ένα από τα καλύτερα πράγματα το φθινόπωρο είναι να φοράς ένα όμορφο πουλόβερ που θα σε κρατάει ζεστό και χαρούμενο τις πρώτες κρύες μέρες του.
Μια από τις τάσεις και αυτού του φθινοπώρου είναι οι μεγάλες στάμπες στα πουλόβερ και τα αγαπημένα μου αυτού του είδους είναι τα Markus Lupher. Το μοναδικό στυλ του Lupher δίνει νέα πνοή στα καθημερινά ρούχα και ανανεώνει την έννοια του κλασσικού πουλόβερ, δημιουργώντας ρούχα με μοναδικά σχέδια.

Chiara Ferragni, fashion blogger, is also a big fan of Markus Lupher sweaters...
Η fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni είναι επίσης φανατική οπάδός των  Markus Lupher πουλόβερ...

Do you like them???
Σας  άρεσουν???


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  1. I love cute printed sweaters however it rarely gets cold enough here in the Philippines so i dont get to wear them as oftem :(

  2. I'm not too crazy for the lips and donkey but the other ones are cute!

  3. I'm crazy about crazy sweaters :p
    And I loved the ones you chose. So cool!

  4. These sweaters are super cute, bless :) I like the lips one xx

  5. This sweaters are soo cute. I really love them :D

    xx Mira

  6. So in love with your blog, really! I’ve just discovered it and I’ve been kept by your unusual and amazing style, you got one more daily reader honey, I think your style fit perfectly with mine and I find you so inspiring, if you want you can have a look to my blog too, and maybe if you like it we can also follow each other, just let me know and congrats again, you’re having such a great job;)

  7. I like them so much that I would wear them everyday!

  8. They look great.I also need to invest in some!The third and fourth one is amazing.I loved them.

  9. such a great post, love the sweater and shirts!!!


  10. Aw wow, these are cutest and most eye catching sweaters! I appreciate your visit hun! Happy Friday!

  11. Thanks for visiting my blog! <3 I'm loving many of them! Like the first one, the one with the yellow star and my favourite is the one with the hearbeat! very original!
    If you want to follow each other let me know! I'll be happy to start <3
    Kisses from Argentina!!

  12. I love cute printed sweaters however it rarely gets cold enough here in the Philippines so i dont get to wear them as oftem :(printed sweaters